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Class of 2020 College Prep Curriculum Checklist

Class of 2021 College Prep Curriculum Checklist

Class of 2022 College Prep Curriculum Checklist

                                      Class of 2023 College Prep Curriculum Checklist


ICAP Legislation – HB 2155

Beginning with students entering the ninth grade in the 2019-2020 school year (class of 2023), each student shall be required to complete the process of an ICAP in order to graduate from a public high school. The ICAP shall include, but not be limited to

  • Career and college interest surveys
  • Written postsecondary and workforce goals and information on progress toward these goals. 
  • Intentional sequence of courses that reflect progress toward a postsecondary goal
  • The student’s acadmic progress, including courses taken, assessment scores, any remediation or credit recovery and any AP, concurrent or dual enrollment credits earned and/or career certificates, certification, or endorsements. 
  • Experience in service learning and/or work environment activities.