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English II

October 2016

By the end of this unit, the student will be able to answer the Big Question: Can Progress be Made without Conflict?

Students will be exploring different types of conflict and how and if they make progress in our lives. This will be developed through learning short story elements – (characterizations, protagonist/antagonist, conflict: internal/external, etc.) and how they contribute to a deeper meaning or theme.

Short stories will assist students in development making inferences.  Following is a list of the short stories in this unit and their focus:

Monkey’s Paw by W.W. Jacobs 

Proper nouns:abstract-concrete


The Street of Canon, by Josephina Nigglia


-Latin suffix “ity”

writing: argument: defend/support

Civil Peace, by Chinau Achebe

-Adjectives/Adverbs: superlative-comparative

A Problem, by Anton Chekhov

-Characters & Characterization

-Verb tenses:-past (perfect), present (perfect), future (perfect)

-Latin suffix “able” (capable of-worthy)

English II consists of grammar and vocabulary skills, literature, speaking and a variety of critical discourse requiring higher-order thinking skills. Students will become familiar with proper writing skills, literary genres, and a structured approach to language arts skills.

  • The most important thing is that students will read.  It is very important for students to read in order to increase their knowledge of literature and build their vocabulary!� This course is required of all sophomores, which will focus on the student's skill development in the areas of writing, language, literature and reading comprehension. �Students will study various genres of literature. Students will develop their skills of written and oral communication in accordance with State Standards.� Students must pass English II State Testing in order to graduate.