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Rules for the class:

  1. Be on Time
  2. Be respectful to teacher and to other teachers or faculty
  3. Respect other students
  4. No food or drink
  5. No cell phones unless used for science purposes ( calculationns, research, or studying)
  6. Take notes when asked
  7. You may not leave class without permission.
  8. Be excited about your education!!!!


What we will learn in Biology I and Environmental Science


Unit 1

Chapter 1 The Study of Life

Unit 2 Ecology

Chapter 2 Principle of Ecology

Chapter 3 Communities,Biomes,and Ecosystems

Chapter 4 Population Ecology

Chapter 5 Biodiversity and Conservation

Unit 2 The Cell

Chapter 6 Chemistry in Biology

Chapter 7 Cellular Structure and Function

CHapter 8 Cellular Energy

Chapter 9 Cellular Production

Unit 3 Genetics

Chapter 10 Sexual Reproduction and Genetics

Chapter 11 Complex Inheritance and Human Heredity

Chapter 12 Molecular Genetics

Chapter 13 Genetics and Biotechnology

Unit 4 History of Biological Diversity

Chapter 14 The History of Life

Chapter 15 Evolution

Chapter 16 Primate Evolution

Chapter 17 Organizing Life’ Diversity