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About Skyleen Willingham

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year here at OHS.

My name is Skyleen Willingham. I have lived in Okmulgee all my life. I graduated from Okmulgee, my parents graduated from Okmulgee, and my four children graduated from Okmulgee schools. I am proud to be from Okmulgee. My mother, Doris Lowery, taught in Okmulgee schools for 30 years and while I cannot fill her shoes, I am glad to be teaching where she taught, I went to school, and my children went to school. I am also proud of having a daughter teach here as well.

As an OHS student I was a member of the Band and a competitor with the speech and debate department.

I have been married for 45 years to David Willingham. We have four children and seven grandchildren. David Ashly lives in Colorado, Mariah, Deidra, and Gerald live close in Oklahoma.

I have an Associate degree in nursing from TJC, a Bachelors degree in elementary education from NSU, and a Masters degree in science education from NSU. I earned my National Boards of Adolescent Science in 2005. This is my 27th year teaching science education in Oklahoma public schools.  I have also taught biodiversity classes at the Bronx Zoo in New York and SeaCamp at Galvestion through Texas A&M.

My husband and I spend all our free time that is not with grandchildren on our Harleys. We ride all over the country where I collect rocks, fossils, sand, and all that the bike will hold.

My husband and I live in Okmulgee because we love it here. We are both Oklahomans at heart and although he was raised in Tahlequah, he considers Okmulgee his home. Okmulgee Schools are a part of who we are.

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