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Justin Cline

My name is Justin Cline and I am a graduate of Okmulgee High School's class of 1998.  I married my 10th grade sweetheart (just had our 13th anniversary) and have two children Genessee (11yr old daughter), and Keller (8yr old son).  My wife Dana is an RN and Lactation Consultant. I am a magna cum laude graduate of NSU in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and was the president of the National English Honors Society (Sigma Ta Delta).  I also attended TU, OSU, and Arkansas University for furthering education. We moved back to Okmulgee after pursuing our degrees to raise our children in a town which we wanted to make wonderful.

It was a blessing to be offered a job here14 years ago and I am continuously working to better education in our community,

My classes focus not only on the daily "school life" but we instead take our work and discussions further into the realm of responsibility in real life unexpected situations. This is often the aspect my students remember the most and thank me for later.

Respect is of high importance to me and my students all know I already respect them and expect the same from them.  We more or less carry out our duties as adults, as we should at this age.

My family attends Trinity Lutheran Church Okmulgee, LCMS.

I can't forget I have a beautiful reverse brindle GREAT DANE we love JUNO and she won't allow anyone to mess with my kids, wife, house, or her little kitten friend, YODA.  JUNO guards the little thing with her life as well as us and we all love her.



Justin Cline

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