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Basketball Handbook



The primary goal of the OHS basketball program is not only to develop athletic success, but to create an environment that is supportive of the student athlete’s development of self-worth and pride. The commitment to success made by the coaches and the players will extend to the school and the community to help create a solid bond. 


Our player handbook is here to provide you with the philosophy, expectations, guidelines and policies of the Okmulgee Basketball Program. As a member of our program, you are responsible for reading, demonstrating and understanding the contents of this handbook. It is the mission of the Okmulgee High School Boys Basketball Program to provide you with a positive experience as a member of the OHS basketball team. The coaching staff is here to teach, support, and to provide you with the opportunity to have athletic success.


Johnny Dreyer

Head Boys Basketball Coach

Okmulgee High School


Player Expectations:

An Okmulgee basketball player will show P.R.I.D.E. both on and off the basketball court. Each player is required to:

  • show Power of mind and body;

  • Respect himself and others;

  • possess a sense of Identity as a person of character;

  • be Dedicated to fulfilling goals that he sets for himself; and

  • show Enthusiasm for his teammates, school, and community.

Okmulgee High School boys basketball members must be willing to be challenged on the court, work hard in the classroom, and display the right attitude.


The Okmulgee Student Athlete


An Okmulgee High School basketball player is a young man that identifies himself and accepts the roles as a family member, a student, an athlete, and a member of the community. He, as a member of the basketball team and program, not only represents himself, but also his fellow teammates and coaches. As our basketball program expands and experiences success, he will be identifiable to both his fellow students and the general public. He will be a leader and be required to conduct himself in a respectful manner.


An Okmulgee High School basketball player must set goals for himself as a student, a player, and a person. To attain these goals, he will be required to base his choices on what will both help him reach his goals and reflect positively on himself, his family, and his team. These choices will involve hard work, determination, and persistence. The ultimate goal for the player and his team is to win championships. 


Definite Dozen



Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Be Honest

Be Loyal



Work Hard

Play Smart

Team Before Yourself

Winning Attitude



Be Coachable – Communicate

Accept Your Role

Handle Success and Failure

Be a Competitor





Boys Basketball Expectations


In addition to the Athletic Handbook, and the Student Athlete/Definite Dozen, each player is expected to adhere to the following both on and off the court. Failure to meet these expectations MAY result in individual and/or team consequences.


  1. Absences/Tardies 

If a player is going to miss practice, the absence must be communicated to the coach in person, by e-mail, text message or by phone (all situations will be dealt with on an individual basis). All athletes should make every effort to make each practice on time with the proper equipment. If an athlete needs to be taped or attend to other matters prior to practice, he should arrive early to practice. Please attempt to schedule all appointments around our practice schedule (doctors, dentist, etc.). All absences and tardies will result in consequences, which will be dealt with on an individual basis. Excessive absenteeism or tardiness may result in removal from the team.


  1. Classroom/Academics

The student is responsible for his own actions and decisions in the classroom. Disrespect, disruptive behavior, and dishonesty will not be tolerated. Failure to adhere to individual classroom policies and the guidelines provided here will result in consequences for the student. Violations will be dealt with on an individual basis, but may result in removal from the basketball team and program.


There will be consequences for those students who do not maintain sufficient grades in the classroom. Grades will be monitored throughout the school year and those individuals who do not meet the expectations of the basketball program will face penalties. 


C. Grades


The Okmulgee High School basketball player will receive 10 points per day that he participates in practice.  Each player’s final grade will be determined on a total point system.



D. Communication 

If a parent or athlete has a concern:

  1. The athlete should first meet with the coach. This meeting should not take place during practice, but at a set time agreed upon by the coach and player.

  2. If a meeting with the coach does not rectify the issue, the parents and athlete should meet with the coach. Again, this meeting should be outside of practice.

  3. If a meeting between the coach, parents, and athlete does not rectify the problem, all parties should meet with the athletic director (and/or administrator as a last resort).


E. Locker Room Procedure


The locker room is a team responsibility. This includes visiting locker rooms. DO NOT DAMAGE LOCKERS OR OTHER PARTS OF ANY FACILITY. DO NOT REMOVE ITEMS FROM THE LOCKER ROOM THAT DO NOT BELONG TO YOU. Pick up your belongings when you leave the area, including tape and trash. There should be no horseplay in any locker room..


F. Travel/Home Games


The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association is silent on the policy of attendance in school by an athlete on the day of a contest. However, it is the policy of the Okmulgee School District to carefully evaluate attendance patterns and declare ineligible those students with excessive absences on the day of contests. TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CONTEST, STUDENTS MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE ONE HALF OF THE SCHOOL DAY ON THE DAY OF THE CONTEST UNLESS CLEARED BY PRINCIPAL AND/OR ATHLETIC DIRECTOR.  All players must ride the bus to games. The bus waits for no one at departure time.


G. Pride During the Game


The game of basketball only allows five players from any one team to play at the same time. Because of this, some players must be on the bench during a game. It is important that each player know their role on the team and practice good sportsmanship at all times. All players will spend some time on the bench. The following are guidelines for bench conduct: 


  1. All players should be focused and into the game. Each player should be observing match-ups, tendencies on offense and defense, etc. So, if called upon to enter the game the player will be aware of the game situation.

  2. If a player makes a hustle play (dive, save, charge, etc.) his teammates should be there to assist him in getting up.

  3. All players are expected to display poise, class, and sportsmanship during the game.

  4. If a player leaves the court, they are required to sit next to the assistance coach for instruction. A player is never go to the end of the bench and pout or kick the chairs!

  5. A player should display maturity and accept his role on the team.


H. Uniforms and Lockers


Each player is responsible for the uniform and the locker issued to him. If any items are lost or stolen the player is responsible for the replacement of them. No player will be allowed to wear the uniform inappropriately (sagging shorts below waistline, one sock up and one sock down, or as the coach sees fit.) 


  1. Media 

Remember the following items when communicating with the media or any person from the community:

  • Always refer to your teammates when responding to questions. The team is larger than any one individual.

  • Praise your opponents for their efforts. Do not criticize or compare.

  • Do not say anything that will motivate our opponents in an upcoming game.

  • If you are unsure of a question or if it seems that a question may be degrading or controversial just reply “No comment.” or “I’d rather not answer that question.”


  1. Lettering Policy


  1. The participant must maintain sportsmanship, training methods, and regular attendance at practice sessions.

  2. Athletes must remain on the team for the entire season unless excused by the coach.

  3. Athletes must meet school and state requirements in academic work and school attendance.


  1. Spring/Summer Training

Our goal during the spring and the summer is to improve individually as athletes for the well-being of our team, but even more so as individuals. Please attempt to schedule vacations or trips out of town late in the summer to avoid conflicts with games, tournaments, scrimmages, summer league, etc. If you do have a conflict please communicate this to Coach Dreyer well in advance. We all must be committed to our team and our goals. Athletics is a privilege that can be revoked at any time. Please avoid taking any action that may result in consequences for you or the team. After all necessary measures have been taken and if an athlete does not change his negative behavior or actions, he will then be asked to leave the team.



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