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Geometry Syllabus




Instructor: Mr. Dreyer



Course Description

Geometry is the second math course that the state of Oklahoma allows for high school credit. The main concepts to be learned are algebraic expressions, including polynomials, exponents, and radicals; equations and inequalities; linear and quadratic functions; problem solving; and critical-thinking skills.

Math Goal

To provide the skills and knowledge needed by all students who are preparing for a productive life in a rapidly changing technological world, and to provide a solid foundation for students as they continue mathematics studies at the high school level and beyond.



The student will have a copy of the Glencoe McGraw-Hill Geometry textbook in the classroom.  The book may be checked out for homework and to use as a reference.


Course Materials

  • 1-inch three-ring binder OR folder with pockets and prongs (exclusively for Algebra I) 
  • Loose-leaf notebook paper         
  • Pencils or Pens
  • Good Attitude        

Attendance Policy

It is highly recommended that the student make all efforts to attend class, as this is the only way to receive all of the instruction.  Students have only the number of days that they are absent to make up any missed homework, quizzes, or tests.  If class is missed on the day of a test or quiz, the student will need to make arrangements to make up the test/quiz.  Students who are absent for a school activity must make plans in ADVANCE for their assignments.


Learning Expectations

Students will have opportunities to demonstrate learning through successful completion of homework, quizzes and tests, completion of occasional projects, and taking the semester final exam.


Geometry is a subject that can only be learned by practicing.  Homework is an essential daily requirement.  Students are expected to complete every assignment and try every problem that is assigned.  If the student has difficulty with a particular assignment or problem, the student is highly encouraged to seek help in understanding by asking a peer who understands or by asking the teacher.


Students must SHOW ALL WORK in order to receive credit.  Although many steps in the algebraic process can be completed mentally, in order to evaluate the student’s level of understanding of the algebraic process all steps must be written down.  Students not showing all work may be asked to re-do the assignment in order to receive credit for their work.


Students are expected to demonstrate learning for all topics studied.  Students not demonstrating learning on homework, quizzes, or tests are encouraged to get additional help and make corrections to the assignments.


Late Work:  Students will be required to turn in all assignments. Late work will not be accepted.

Extra Credit:  Extra credit may be given occasionally. Extra credit may be additional assignments given to the entire class, challenging questions, or extra test questions.  *Under no circumstances will special arrangements be made for individual extra credit assignments.


General Classroom Expectations and Consequences

  1. Be in your seat and entering the homework using the clickers when the bell rings.  Students are expected to keep working until they have been dismissed.
  2. Bring your assignment to class every day.
  3. Respect and cooperate with others.
  4. Be alert and on task all hour.
  5. Candy, food, and drinks are not allowed in class.
  6. Comply with all rules in the Student Handbook, including no electronic devices (IPods, MP3 players, and cell phones), dress code, and tardies.


Consequences for not complying with these expectations may result in a phone call to the parents, detention, or a referral to the principal.


**As it seems necessary to improve instruction and learning, the instructor may modify any portion of this syllabus.


Goal setting is an essential step to reaching a final destination.  Thomas Jefferson once said, Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal.”  In order to graduate from high school, your student must (1) maintain a passing grade for both semesters of Algebra I and (2) score Satisfactory or Advanced on the Algebra I End-of-Instruction exam administered by the State of Oklahoma at the end of the school year.  Success in Algebra takes hard work, determination, and perseverance.  As your child’s teacher, I will do everything I can to make sure that your child can complete Algebra I successfully as one step towards high school graduation.  You and your child play a role in this as well.  Please complete the following goal setting activity.  Throughout the school year, ask your child how he/she is doing toward meeting their goal(s). These goals may include both high school goals and goals beyond high school graduation.



Student’s Goals


(1) _____________________________________________________________________












(2) _____________________________________________________________________











Sample Goals


  • I will complete and turn in all of my homework assignments on time.
  • I will ask my teacher for help when I make a low grade on an assignment.
  • I will try to maintain a B average, but if I do have a C I will be putting forth my best effort.
  • I will attend college.


Parent/Guardian Goals



In order to help my child reach his/her goals in Geometry, I will (check all that apply):


  • Make sure my child is completing his/her assignments daily.


  • Check my child’s grades online.


  • Encourage my child to attend tutoring if they seem to be struggling.


  • Encourage my child to do corrections on their homework assignments.


  • Help my child study for tests from the test reviews that are provided before each test.


  • Call or email Mr. Dreyer when I have a concern about my child’s progress.


  • Other _________________________________________________________


  • Other _________________________________________________________


I have read and understand the policies and procedures stated in this Geometry syllabus for the 2016-2017 school year at Okmulgee High School.


______________________________________                                   _______________

Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                       Date


______________________________________                                   _______________

Student Signature                                                                                      Date



Please provide me with several ways to contact you if concerns arise about your child.  Please print.


______________________________________                       ____________________

Primary Person to Contact                                                             Daytime Phone Number


_____________________             ____________________@__________________

Alternate Phone Number                           Email Address


Mailing Address:  ___________________________________________________________




What is the most convenient way for me to contact you (circle one)?


            Phone                        Email              Letter to the Home

Johnny Dreyer

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