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Students will have opportunities to demonstrate learning through successful completion of homework, quizzes and tests, completion of occasional projects, and taking the semester final exam.


Math is a subject that can only be learned by practicing.  Homework is an essential daily requirement.  Students are expected to complete every assignment and try every problem that is assigned.  If the student has difficulty with a particular assignment or problem, the student is highly encouraged to seek help in understanding by asking a peer who understands or by asking the teacher.


Students must SHOW ALL WORK in order to receive credit.  Although many steps in the math process can be completed mentally, in order to evaluate the student’s level of understanding of the math process all steps must be written down.  Students not showing all work may be asked to re-do the assignment in order to receive credit for their work.


Students are expected to demonstrate learning for all topics studied.  Students not demonstrating learning on homework, quizzes, or tests are encouraged to get additional help and make corrections to the assignments.


Late Work:  Students will be required to turn in all assignments. Late work will not be accepted.

Extra Credit:  Extra credit may be given occasionally. Extra credit may be additional assignments given to the entire class, challenging questions, or extra test questions.  *Under no circumstances will special arrangements be made for individual extra credit assignments.

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