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Michael Crosby

My name is Mr. Michael Crosby.  I am a History teacher at Okmulgee High School.  This will be my second year with the school as well as the school district.  I am excited for this opportunity to be able to teach your child and I hope that this year will be an interesting and successful year for us all.  Prior to being employeed here at Okmulgee I worked as a substitute teacher for Tulsa, Union, and Broken Arrow School districts for the past two years.  I am certidied to teach the following subjects OK History, US History, Geography, World History, Economics, and US Govt.  With these certifications I believe that I am very capable to teach your child about our own history as well as the History of the world.  I hope to have a wonderful year with your students.  

I believe that every one of our students need to learn history through their high school years.  I believe this because after their senior year we are then sending them out into the real world and knowing ones history as well as other cultures is vital and important so that they may be able to understand one another better.  

Through my website you will find a variety of information that will include: Daily/weekly lesson plans, my daily schedule with my contact information, class notes, powerpoints, and access to your child's grades via the online gradebook.  

If at any time you would like to contact me for any reason involving your child please feel free to contact me through either my school phone (918) 758-2075 ext. 3148, or my email at

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to work with you and your student as we learn about the History of the world and beyond.

Michael Crosby

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